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We blew it again. Every year we say this is going to be the year we get out act together and pull together a holiday card to send out. We talked about it back in July, started researching options in November, vowing to get a great shot when the first snows came.

The snows never came. Our back-up plans kept getting back-burnered by this-and-that. And when the cards from friends started tumbling through the mailbox we thought we might be able to pull together something last-minute but no less heartfelt.

greeting card deluge
when it’s too late to reply
the holiday’s close

That was my poetic interpretation of our younger daughter’s observation, that whole frog in the pot of water thing, that when you see the deadline on the horizon it’s too close to change course. Of course, the fact that we didn’t manage to get our act together this year means we don’t have to think up something new next year.

all the ideas
that never reached fruition
are second chances

That’s a nice little bit of spin, but as I look around at everything involved with the holidays it suddenly comes to me that between cards and letters, decor and home heating, packaging and wrapping, things could look very different in an alternate universe.

holiday season
is impossible without
trees or paper

It almost seems like the more responsible thing to not send out holiday cards in that light. At least, that’s my reasoning for the seasoning this year. We’ll see what happens next year.

Poetry Friday, coming in on the end of the year 2011! Kate over at Book Aunt has the round-up for the week.

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