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I had a dream during my long winter’s nap last night. In it, I was a teacher attempting to get a class full of inner-city elementary school kids to perform an obscure play by Ionesco. I kept leaving my keys everywhere and the principal kept threatening to fire me for it (Please do! I implored him). After less than a week of rehearsal we had a performance in front of an audience and kids kept throwing up on stage. I didn’t so much wake from this dream as i sort of faded away while choruses and lines of the following verses echoed throughout.

The patron saint of Peace on Earth
Has come to deck the halls!
With deals busting down the doors
Of crowded shopping malls!

Let’s hack a sapling from the ground –
The shortening days are nigh!
We’ll give it ornamental life
Then happily watch it die.

The children hang up dirty socks
Or leave a boot outside.
They’ll dream of fairies crusted sweet
If not rodenticide.

Gretels can’t be choosers,
And Hansels never win.
The feasty ghosts have come to host
So let the Fat Man in!

Some crackers promise candy fire,
Some crackers become princes,
And some use food as weaponry,
Like cakes of fruit and minces.

With ginger roots and peppercorns,
With nutmegs and with maces,
To Winterize our Winterfoods
And spike our cheery faces!

Prepackaged cups of festive cheer
Begrudgingly be-toasted.
The fatted goose who chose to roost,
Rewardingly be-roasted!

They say this day comes once a year
But then that’s true for all.
The spirit’s given up the ghost
For festive shopping sprawl

A Hansel’s lousy witch food,
And Gretel’s never lost.
The Panto Horse has run its course,
The Fat Man’s hit the sauce!

It is safe to say I have had a lot of the holidays on my mind lately, but strangely it’s all been good. Only in the half-light of a half-awake winter morning do my thoughts run cynical. This is about as raw and automatic a poem I’ve ever written, where I couldn’t remember the words I could see the images. Seriously, I’ve been in the best mood this year-end than I have in many previous, and I don’t know why.

It’s Poetry Friday on the last school day of the year as my girls have joyfully pointed out – ah, the carefree life of childhood. Anyway, poetry abounds over at Dori Reads, so check it out. And now, if it’s all the same to you, I think I’ll take a nap and see if I can parse out the origins of some of those verses above!

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