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The travel day starts on the T, where some college Joe’s are talking on the way into downtown.  For the sake of not wanting to embarrass the institution they belonged to I will not identify it here.  Suffice to say, they are students from a school in Boston.

Joe Paper: So, listen.  Like, which would you… which would you rather ‘do:’ Classic mermaid or, like, you know, the other way around?

Joe Rock: Which would I rather… what?

Joe Scissors: You know that mermaid?  Ariel?  She’s totally hot.

Joe Paper: Do, like who would you do?

Joe Scissors: The other kind?

Joe Paper: Classic mermaid is, you know, girl on top fish on the bottom.  And the other way is–

Joe Rock: Classic.

Joe Scissors:  The other way?  Like fish on top and girl on bottom?  Is that a mermaid?

Joe Paper: Yeah.

Joe Rock: Classic.  No hassles there.

Joe Paper: But, like, how would you do her?  She’s fish!

Joe Scissors: Fish on top?  Like, face and all?

Joe Rock: Dude, classic.  She can just, whatever.  Lay her eggs and whatnot.  She’s still got a mouth.

Joe Paper: Yeah, but the other way…

Joe Rock: You’d hump a fish?  That’s all it is.  A fish with legs–

Joe Paper: And an ass.

Joe Rock: Classic.  All the way.  That Ariel, you know?

Joe Scissors: Totally hot.  What was she, like fifteen?

Joe Rock: Classic.

Joe Paper: This our stop?

High school guys, I could understand.  These guys were talking about their classes and the new semester and were clearly older college students.  What the hell is wrong with these three dudes that (a) they think this is a valid conversation to have (b) in public and (c) without a shred of embarrassment?

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