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An original, though not really and not very.  What is it about the snap of cold weather that increases the hunger?  Are we really still just nature-attuned mammals, fattening ourselves up for the winter, hunkering down for the scarcity of food?  Anyway, in a fit of hunger I foraged the refrigerator yesterday and spied some mushrooms that would have gone bad had I not eaten them.  That is to say, no one else in the house would have looked at them and said “Say, I bet those would taste good for lunch.”

While I was at the table, with the musky steam of a buttery saute curling around my face, I was suddenly flushed with that old WCW poem about plums and dashed off this personal rejoinder.

Not That You Noticed

I have eaten
the mushrooms
that were in
the fridge

and which
your dad abandoned
when visiting.

Believe me
they were delicious
pan fried
and pasta-tossed.

So much for originality.  The round-up this week is over at Big A little a


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