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The process of picking an advisor begins with what we jokingly call sped dating.  Actually, we don’t pick an advisor so much as we limit the possibilities from among the many.  And I guess it technically begins long before the speed dating, as we spend the early days on the rez in a casual frenzy pumping fellow students for information on the advisors we might be considering.

It’s an information exchange worthy of Cold War espionage.  You need quality intel, so you need to trust your source.  You need to branch out of familiar sources and hunt down those you might only know casually.  Who did you have last semester?  How did that go?  I had So-and-so.  Yeah, it was good, it went like this… Then you catch a glimpse of conversation nearby, you shift your attention, listening for an in to crash the conversation yourself.  You reevaluate unfamiliar and contrary sources  I don’t know that I trust this person’s opinion, but maybe they’ll have a contrary view that will help round out the picture, or maybe even add something I hadn’t considered.

So many ways to triangulate the intel.

Next, you need to gather material first hand.  You visit faculty at assigned meeting places.  You toss out where you are and what you’re hoping to work on.  They counter with their working methods, strengths, possible suggestions.  Like a mating ritual, a flourish of color and a flash of feather, a call and response.  Five minutes, ten tops, get a feel for the situation, trust your gut, move on to the next one, do the dance all over.

After having done the ritual twice before there are people you can automatically rule out, people you’ve interviewed before, people you simply need confirmation on one way or another.  There’s usually one stand-out but it’s best not to put up hopes because therein lies madness.  The process, you are constantly told, is arbitrary, yet you’ll end up with the person you need.  No one believes this, even if it’s true.  It makes no sense.  Why bother to interview and select people only to have the final decision be so arbitrary?  You’ll end up with one of your choices, but if you truly end up with the person you need would that still be true if you listed those people you truly did not want? Would the fates make the necessary corrections?  Would an intervention take place?

Dating over everyone reconnects their conversation, moving and thinking forward.  Who did you interview?  Who are you thinking about?  Who would be your first choice? Our choices are collected by lunch, decisions made and discussed by the faculty by dinner, and we learn sometime later in the evening.  Then will come the official greeting, a proper first date, a course plotted, and an agreement for a future date.  Is this any way to become a writer?



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Or is it hot when a wire has juice running through it? Anyway…

I don’t think it’s been any secret that a number of kidlit bloggers have been working behind the scenes for some time now (has it been six months?) getting ready to launch Guys Lit Wire. There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this announcement you’re either one of the many people involved or this is going to be, like, the fifty-first post about this. Nonetheless, today is launch day, the blog is officially open!

Guys Lit Wire!

The whole thing came about some time late last year, I believe, in the comments section over at Sara’s blog Read Write Believe. A bunch of us kidlit blogger types were hashing out ideas and fantasies about teen boys and books and ideal environments and then – WHAM! – the next thing you know there’s nearly two dozen bloggers scheduled to post reviews and interviews and whatnot every weekday for the rest of 2008!

Okay, so it wasn’t all like spontaneous combustion, it was the hard work of many people but primarily Colleen at Chasing Ray and Sarah at Finding Wonderland who did the heavy lifting. But the rest of us are in there, making lists and posting posts, talking amongst ourselves to make this the best dang thing of its kind. It’s serious, folks, we’re a dedicated bunch. Check out that contributors list!

And I say “we” because I am proud to be participating in the enterprise. Once a month I’m scheduled to share some of what I consider to be good stuff for teen boys, my first post will come a week from Wednesday on June 9th. What will my inaugural post be about? Well, you’ll just have to check it out then.

(hint: think NYC and dystopia)

No need to mark your calendar — you’ll be a regular to the site by then anyway, right? — but just in case I’ll be cross-posting with linkage so you can jump around and get lost in all that GLW goodness! Trust me, there are plenty of great people involved in this thing Head on over and read the contributors bios and you’ll see what I mean.

Right tasty!

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