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Another cross-out poem, this one found in last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine. This one had a bit of an e.e.cummings feel to it, so I tried treating it accordingly.

an ailing     Greenhouse
wearing an elegant bathrobe     attached to oxygen, was
wheeled in the living room of his Cape Cod home
festooned with paper cutouts of

a beloved teacher.
Greenhouse indulged in a
martini and a plate of oysters. Thus fortified,

though a bit wobbly,

he laid down
and praised

his lifelong companion and the darling of his
the Countess.

Greenhouse asked his nurses to lay
next to him in bed
that day on Cape Cod.

On a cold day last winter

Some pages of print, when you see them, they just scream to be played with. It helps when there is already some level of poetry in the prose to begin with, but even when the text is cold or harsh there are sometimes surprises to be found. Here’s what the altered source looks like.

Bonus Time!

On the back page of the same magazine I saw an ad and, don’t ask me what was going on inside my head, but I looked at this ad and the word “eating” just stuck out.

Okay, yeah, so I think about eating hearts and immediately jump to a chupacabra. Doesn’t everyone?  Anyway, there you go, two for the price of one (and, uh, free!) this Poetry Friday. Head on over to Wild Rose Reader where Elaine has the complete roundup this week.

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