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Here’s an experiment for any of you blogging out there who want to see a boost in your traffic. If you include just two words in the title of your blog post you can practically double the number of people who find you on search engine keyword searches:

baby. poem.

Cheese Louise, every day I’m seeing people who found me because they’re looking for baby poems. I have one post entitled “baby steps (and a poem)” that has NOTHING to do with infants or first steps. Who knew there were all these people out there looking for poems about baby’s first steps.

I wonder if it’s anything like Grandmother books. You know, how when you see a picture book that has nothing going for it except the fact that it seems designed to separate grandparents from their money via the cute factor. Because, honestly, poetry about baby’s first steps? Try Reader’s Digest or Parade Magazine in the Sunday papers.

Sorry, folks, I write for children, I occasionally write poetry, I don’t write poems about cute babies and fluffy kittens and whatnot.

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