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cutting the feed

I think I’ve pretty much said this every place else, so for the handful of my faithful readers (or those of you who otherwise care) I am going to try and unplug from the internet as much as possible for the next three or four weeks.  I have lots of deadlines and other pressing engagements pending and I need to focus.

The truth is, I am too easily distracted these days.  It’s not necessarily a slavish devotion to facebook or Twitter; I can be listening to Last.fm and hear a song that triggers a memory that causes me to run a Google search that leads me to Wikipedia that hurls me further and further out into cyberspace like a probe at the whim of another planet’s gravitational pull.  I just can’t afford those sorts of distractions right now.

Where this is most awkward is over at my other blog, the excelsior file, which was recently named on a list entitled 100 Best Book Blogs for Children, Tweens and Teens.  Seems like I’d miss a great opportunity to reach people if they find a stale blog for the next month, so it looks like I’ll have to at least put up a couple posts a week there just to sustain the momentum.

I wish I could say it was because I was participating in NaNoWriMo, but I’m not.  Maybe next year.  It would be great to say it was something exciting, like revisions for a publisher, but it’s not.  Maybe next year on that one as well.

It is, however, impossible to cut off entirely from the internet.  My school program requires email communications, so I’ll have to check in at least daily so I don’t miss any deadlines or announcements, and occasionally there will be business to transact and bank accounts to maintain.  But once I hit ‘publish’ on this post I’m hoping to reduce my connection to the feed by more than 90 percent.  There’s no guarantee that it will proportionately increase my productivity, but I have to at least give myself the opportunity.

So in case we don’t hear from each other before then, have a great November, a fine Thanksgiving Holiday (for my American friends), and I’ll see you all in December at the latest.

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