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I am coming to the harsh realization that I cannot blog, read blogs, read books, read magazines, review books, write, retain gainful employment and enjoy time with my family.  Something has to give.

But what? How?

I’ve always had a problem with discipline.  I prefer to think of it as more of having an active mind, torn in any number of directions at any given moment.  I can’t help but thinking that if I had more discipline, more focus, better organization, that I’d be a freakin’ da Vinci.  I’ve got notebooks full of drawings and plans and story seeds and projects and lists and outlines and whatnot, enough to keep me bust for the next 100 years.

Provided I don’t come up with any new ideas within the next 100 years as well.

I have upwards of 30 books in various states of outline waiting for me to invent a way to stop time.  Seriously. Two series, a bunch of YA, some long-form poetry, a couple of adult titles, a piece of novelty fluff and a pair of non-fiction series for middle graders that deal with biography and music.  I’ve got half a dozen paintings I’m longing to execute.  I have a card game and a board game I still need to play-test and tweak.  And then there’s all this crazy ephemera connected to this YA project I have going that I want to design.  Part website, part media experience, just crazy how I come up with a new idea for it daily.

I need a factory full of me running three shifts.  Double overtime.

And I haven’t even started school.

What the hell.

Would hypnotism work?  Could I have my subconscious mind convinced that I only needed two hours of sleep and learn how to read and write at the same time?

I can’t be alone, I’m sure I’m not alone.  What does everyone else do?

What works?

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