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It’s the last five minutes of work. I’m just waiting to lock things up and get moving. I’ve got a pen and a sticky note. My mind won’t relax, I need to fill that time.

Reviews. Of books. In five words or less.

I look at the books stacked nearby. The graphic novel Laika. I know it, reviewed it already. What could I say about it in five words?

true story:
space dog dies

Hmm. That’s a bit harsh, but then any book about a dog has a 98% chance of a dog dying in the end, so it doesn’t really count as a spoiler. Besides, it’s historical. It’s like saying Booth shot Lincoln. Oh, you hadn’t heard that yet? Sorry.

What’s this? Glass Slipper? Lets give it a try.

glass slipper
multicultural cinderella
sure beats disney

Ah, yes, this one was a baffler when I read it. I think this pretty much sums things up.

little pea
peas need to eat spinach?

Hardly art, or literature, or even fine criticism. But fun. I decided to go back through the reviews I’ve written for The Horn Book Guide and review the reviews using words from the reviews themselves. Okay, I cheated a bit on a couple. I can do that, misquote myself out of context. It’s okay, I gave myself permission. I’m keeping them located on a separate page, accessible via the tab at the top of this page. What’s posted are “in 5′s” of my earliest reviews. I’ll keep adding to them on an irregular basis. Like those times I feel like saying something and can’t for the life of me dredge up anything more substantial.

Like today.

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